Symposium History


donnelly2Photo Courtesy of Mark Garvin
  • 2006 “Responding to the Challenges of Aging”
  • 2008  Aging in Place: “Can We Meet the Challenge”  2008 Video
  • 2010  Aging in Place: “Dealing with Mental Health Issues”
  • 2012  Aging in Place: “Case Studies of the Legal and Ethical Challenges of Aging in Place”
  • 2014  Aging in Place: “The Dream, The Reality & The Possibilities”
  • 2016  Aging in Place: “What Is the Future?”

Symposium Program Committee

Honorable Annette M. Rizzo

Lydia Hernandez Velez

Diane A. Menio

 James M. McGrath

Laura Valenti

Cynthia B. Wishkovsky

 MaryPat Scorzetti, Event Coordinator